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Reflecting on your observations, understanding issues important to you and developing your ideas can be transformative. Read more.

Ben Hughes - coaching charity leaders: developing charities

I work with managers, directors, CEO’s and chairs in providing individual support, reflection and enquiry.

This aims to increase your professional wellbeing, bring clarity to complex issues and improve your personal effectiveness, within your charity and beyond.

I provide Interim management and leadership for charities and wider civil society

I work with people individually, to help them plan, manage and develop

I work with charity leaders who:

  • Want to reflect on, and better understand your role and organisation?
  • Feeling isolated, stuck and/or stressed?
  • Having to make important decisions on your own?
  • Want to feel better about your work, build your confidence and act?

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Ben Hughes
Ben Hughes - charity coach & consultant

About Ben

I am an experienced charity CEO, chair, trustee and adviser. I've worked across civil society, with government and commercial partners, in pushing for social justice. Harnessing this, I work with people individually, to help them plan, manage and develop, and with their teams to strengthen their charities.

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What I offer


I’m really interested in the way charities operate, the teams that form them and the individuals that manage them. I work 1:1 and in teams, to support people through Individual consultancy, Interim management and organisation support & development

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Hear from others what being a ‘coachee’ involves, the way sessions work and how it helps. Find out more about the theory behind coaching and approaches to organisation development.

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