Ben Hughes: Working with charity leaders


What is it?

Sometimes described as executive coaching or role consultancy, coaching is a 1:1 professional support and development service that takes place over an agreed period of time, at regular intervals. It can help manage stress, streamline workloads, increase role satisfaction and overcome perceived management obstacles. It can also help identify and manage changes to roles - and careers - and can include one-off sessions to help mitigate crises’ or stabilise organisations following shocks.

Reflecting on your observations, understanding issues important to you and developing your ideas can be transformative. It can clarify purpose, direction and help you realise what matters to you. This can help you tap into resources that enable you to act.

The coaching space is yours, for you to reflect on ‘you’, in role and on task; the ethos is non-judging and unprescriptive – it is not a performance-managed process! It can prove illuminating in better understanding your organisation, Board or team, your role within it and the dynamics that can act as both a barrier and aid to being a well-functioning organsation.

It is a highly versatile approach, able to respond to your needs and interests, and is led by you.

How does it work?

I work with people in their context, in the knowledge that there’s rarely a ‘right way’ or fixed path. What is right for one person in a given situation may not work for someone else, in a different type of organsation. We will beging by identifying your issues - often of value in its self. We will explore strategies for dealing with these, whether they be obstacles or oppotunities, and help you achieve your goals and take action.

Sessions are normally 1 hr 15 minutes. Frequency can vary but monthly sessions often provide a good balance, although this can be flexible.

How you will benefit:

Coachees often experience:

  • Clarity around priorities
  • Improved strategic thinking
  • More effective management based on understanding your people as individuals, how they form teams, the organisation and the wider sector you work in
  • An increased capacity to lead and manage in rapidly changing and uncertain environments
  • Increased confidence to develop your own solutions, and to tap into your creative potential

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